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Do you trim the hair before a Brazilian wax?

I get asked this question a lot when I am teaching during one of my private one on one waxing classes.  Students often ask me “should you trim the hair when doing a bikini wax?”    I decided to write a blog on this very topic today because of a conversation that I had also had a few weeks ago with another waxing educator.  Which,  incidentally we do have a five hour waxing DVD coming out in 2013 and we do cover this topic in our questions and answers section at the end of the DVD…so keep tuning in to see when that is available for purchase in my waxing store!  We do have other juicy waxing tips and information for you on there also.

So, should you trim?   I say ‘yes’ to trimming!

Slightly exaggerated…but you get the picture!

I like to trim for two reasons:

  • If the Lady Garden is too bushy, how the heck do you determine the hair growth pattern easily, without getting all down into her business whilst trying to analyze which direction and which part of the hair is growing where?   Seems like too much hard work to me.  I like to have a somewhat clean slate or foundation with which to work from.  Exploring through the depths of the forest is great if accompanied by a large vat of water and some good walking shoes….but I am not prepared to delve into this forest without trimmers, or scissors and comb in hand!  So walk those shoes,  if that’s what takes your fancy or come well equipped with the necessary tools!
  • If the Twigs and Berries are also too bushy prior to waxing can you imagine how much more painful it will be having such a mass quantity of hair being pulled out by the root?    Let’s talk about ‘mass’.  When there is a large area that is dense with masses of hair and wax is applied to it then pulled out with or without the strip…depending on your waxing method.  The volume of the hair, the density of the hair or let’s just say the quantity of hair that is being tugged is causing too much pressure on the skin!  “Yes”, the skin!  If skin in the labia area or the scrotum is pulled bringing with it a large quantity of garden material….can you imagine what might happen to that skin —–  skin that I am sure your client was quite attached too and fond of, prior to his or her waxing appointment?   The skin can rip…If your client was already booked in for a labiaplasty surgery then go ahead and wax that bush bringing the root and dirt with it!

So on that note whilst I sit here with my legs squeezed shut wincing at the thought, I am not here to judge and I will leave you all to determine what works or doesn’t work for you!  Happy waxing sweet cheeks!

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