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Boasting Basement


As we wander the streets peddling our wares, we may stumble across a fantastic Spa or Salon with great ambience and energy, a great receptionist who does cartwheels to impress or a massage therapist who irons out the cricks in the neck.

You may even be a mentor or Spa business coach who might have caught our fancy on Twitter,  so ‘yes’ this little English bird’s team will be tweeting  good vibes from the rooftops.

For this reason alone we think you deserve a “shout out”.  We all love recognition from time to time and we are saving the boasting basement for those we feel deserve it.  So from time to time keep rubber necking into this section as you never know, you may get a mention and a tweet!!

If you feel that you work with a co-worker in your Salon who deserves a positive shout out, or a boss who is the bomb, contact us with their name/business name and website and ‘why’ you feel they need an online hug!


Like gravity, karma is so basic we often don’t even notice it. – Sakyong Miphamk

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