Energize Your Career

So dream away and find that Esthetician job in our job listing section. There is something for everybody in here and no stone is left unturned.

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Enhance Your Expertise

The object of teaching is to enable you to get along without a teacher. So take one of my advanced waxing education classes so that you can be that polished pebble and slap it on your resume then relish in the delights that it brings to you.

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Elevate your Style

You are never fully dressed without a smile, but smiling you will be, when you wear our shockingly sassy spa uniforms in fun styles and colors. How blooming marvelous can that be? So, put some fizzle into your working wardrobe and elevate your style to the next level!

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Resume Help

Employers are inundated with receiving resumes from keen applicants, and they are actually looking for a reason to not hire you, so that they can work through the mass pile of resumes more efficiently. Is your resume full of grammatical errors? Is it too long? Do you sound like somebody on your resume that you would actually like to meet? Getting the interview is the first step in getting your toe in the door never mind your foot! You have taken some extra education classes, you have shown that you are capable and have the initiative to learn new and exciting things…let your resume reflect all of that!

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Do you offer rewards programs in your salon?

Who doesn't like to receive a hand written card in the post?

Does your Salon or Spa offer them to clients?  Rewards programs are a great way to keep your clients happy and get’s them talking about your place to other people.  Some people are so busy focusing on getting new clients that they forget their existing ones. So try a couple of  reward programs to see what works best for you.

Before your clients leave, tell them about the rewards program that you have going on in your salon. For every time she re-books an appointment and keeps that appointment, she can receive 10% off of her next visit.  …

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10 resume tips when looking for salon or spa jobs?

When looking and applying for jobs during this tough economy it is even more important than usual to be on top of your game!  Your competition is tight and employers are looking for a reason not to hire you.


Don't have that resume that lands in the trash!


1.  If you are asked to submit your resume online by sending it in ‘word format’ do as they ask.  They might be testing you to see how well you follow directions.

2. Always include a cover letter.  Don’t presume that your resume is full of enough information.  …

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Great spa water recipes!

If you are anything like me and just find it hard to chug down water …. maybe your clients that visit your spa are feeling the same way.  Maybe, just maybe, they are tired of seeing the same ole lonely cucumber slices bobbing in their glass and wish for some variety!  

If your water is truly impressive, maybe leave some recipe cards out on the table in the ‘waiting area’ with your business card stapled to the corner!  You wouldn’t want them to forget now would you, where they picked up the recipe card so that they can now impress  their friends?…

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Is the salon hiring department going to trash your resume?

In an economy where you’re competing with a dozen of other applicants, you might feel desperate to make a resume stand out in the paper pile. Most managers are looking for a reason to not hire you, so they don’t have to sit there sifting through the mass pile of resumes.

Don't have that Esthetician resume that hits the trash!

So if you’re submitting a resume, it’s more important than ever to make a good first impression and avoid these common mistakes. Pay attention to these resume do’s and don’ts to clean up your act whilst searching for that perfect Salon position.…

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