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The hair is removed…how about Vajazzling that baby!?

What is Vajazzling some may ask?  Vajazzling is a fantastic service that you can get your clients to up grade too from their Brazilian wax.  It is very easy to sell this add on service to your clients, and it doesn’t take you long to do and it’s a great way for you to make some additional money.  This is a great service to sell to your client if she is going on a honeymoon, vacationing with her love bug or just spending a lovely sexy evening home with her partner.

Once the Lady Garden has been freshly waxed you can apply nice jewels in the shape of flowers, stars, or butterflies onto her freshly mowed area, or she can design her own. These jewels are referred to as “Vajazzling”.

Image supplied by Martha. Boca Skin Bar.

They are applied with self adhesive glue to an area that is dry and free from lotions and they usually last approximately two to three days, especially if she takes care to not be too rough in this area with washing and rubbing etc or by wearing tight fitting clothing.

After all a girl needs to take care of her diamonds!

They are applied firmly onto the top of the bikini area, just above the pubic bone area and can be adjusted into shape very easily with tweezers. They are becoming quite a hit across the world!

Check them out here in the education section under “Vajazzling”.  There are a few companies to choose your jewels from on our website and they all have very promising reputations.  There is a great Australian company that are producing some fabulous Vajazzling jewels right now and they are  looking for distributors in the U.S….email us and we can give you the juicy details if running your own Vajazzling company is something that peeks your interest!

Show me a girl who doesn't like diamonds..

You can very easily upgrade your clients service, give her partner something to be happy about and make her feel secretly special all at the same time.

I have since heard some rumors about ‘Pejazzling’ becoming popular.  I am sure it will be a huge hit, especially with our wonderful, flamboyant gay male clients that like anything glittery!  Maybe you can encourage your female clients to bring in their male friends to get the Twigs and Berries waxed and have a nice jeweled display in the shape of a guitar or whatever else they might have out there onto his tackle.  I bet that is one secret that client won’t be sharing with his friends over a beer one night in the pub!  But his partner will know and it can become their own little secret – (if he buys into it, of course!)

Jen Rutledge who is a master Vajazzling aesthetician in California once tweeted that she did a Vajazzling service on a seventy year old lady, who was celebrating her 50th wedding anniversary.  I bet her husband nearly died of fright seeing his wife’s bare Lady Garden displayed with jewels on her lady bits!  I hope he made it to their 51st wedding anniversary after that delightful surprise, I bet he didn’t stop smiling all week!   

Happy Larry!

So on that happy note….”Happy Vajazzling my lovelies”

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