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An honest look at the founder of Premier Beauty Solutions.

Well, some of you may have seen me tweeting from the rooftops and posting links to Facebook or LinkedIn with information that I hope at least one person finds valuable.  Sharing knowledge with others is my passion, especially, when it comes to helping others in the spa industry.  Having been in the industry for over 11 years I have seen many things.  Gracious and ugly.

I have had some fantastic jobs with great employers and some average jobs with horrendous employers!  I have worked with co-workers where our team spirit was very cohesive and I have worked at some places where there was more drama than watching an episode of The Bachelor.

Some salons I have worked at have attracted brilliant clients where they brought in with them a harmonious aura.  Other places I have worked at have attracted the self righteous, kind of client.  But, one thing I do know is, that when you work in the service industry the client is always right, whether we like it or not.  Unless of course, they physically, sexually or verbally abuse us, then that is not OK!

I have made many mistakes in my career that were easily rectified and I humbly admitted to all of them.  These mistakes might have been from a waxing service gone wrong, fleeing work early to catch up with the girls leaving my treatment room, not how I would like to find it the next day. But, we are all human and if we know where we made those mistakes and we hopefully learn from them, it makes us a good employee or person in general.  This as a parent I find is especially important. It teaches your children that mistakes are normal, it is how you handle the mistakes, that is what is important.

 Having two teenagers and seeing how vulnerable they are in the adult world, makes me even more passionate about helping others in this industry with writing a good aesthetician resume, or how maternal and happy it makes me feel when I get an email from an aspiring hairstylist telling me they are going to be taking extra classes upon graduating cosmetology school. I enjoy receiving emails from girls asking questions, that sometimes leaves me scratching my head in amazement that they don’t already know the answer…but this is OK, because feeding them with the information is what makes my day go round and what makes me feel good about my company. Some students don’t get the day to day teaching from their parents about how to conduct themselves as an employee or how they could improve on their listening skills.  Again, this is OK, as I go into automatic pilot and educate on what I know works and what doesn’t from my own life experiences.

I enjoy teaching others how to conduct themselves in job interviews. I love to see their faces when I tell them it is not ok, to bring their cell phone onto the salon floor and Facebook their friends around clients! When they challenge me on this it motivates me to point out more bad etiquette habits they may have acquired, like chewing gum in the clients ear while she is having a facial. Funny, how some just think that is acceptable, or they just never give it a second thought.  It makes me feel good when I see that they have listened to me and get where I am coming from.  Feeling good because you have supplied somebody with information that might come very naturally to you, but not necessarily to them is a feeling that I know is my purpose.  Do you know what your purpose is?  I would love to hear.

Putting all of my knowledge that I had about waxing, and salon etiquette into my first published book was nerve wracking but worth every second. My second book comes out this year… I am not sure exactly when, but I am sure you will see a tweet from time to time informing you of the launch.

Now even though you have seen my likes…with those come some imperfections.  We all have them!

  • I am not composed in situations that resemble a Hannibal Lecture scene such as my daughters nose bleeds. 
  • I dislike rude people and will avoid them like the plague.
  • Sometimes I get caught by my kids using profanity as I nurse a blistered finger under cold running water!
  • I get frustrated with people who talk constantly with nothing of substance coming out.
  • I attend my kid’s soccer games, (sometimes with enjoyment, sometimes with silent resentment, especially when I think of the work piling up that I should be attending to). 
  • I get upset with my neighbor as she never say’s ‘hello’ back to me.
  • I get my knickers in a twist when people don’t pick up their dog poop! 
  • I like to listen to my music loud and sometimes my kids ask me to turn it down….maybe they just don’t appreciate my singing and dancing?  
  • I dislike brown bananas and hate peeling oranges.
  • If I find a piece of egg shell in my mouth from my hard boiled egg I have to throw the whole thing away.
  • Oh, and I wish people wouldn’t chew popcorn loudly in the movie theater!  
  • Spell check is American….this confuses me and throws me off balance!  
  •  And finally, if you ask for my ‘honest’ opinion you will get it…no fluff involved!

So, now you have some idea who is behind Premier Beauty Solutions .  Bio’s on websites only give you a brief introduction….here you have the novel!!  Maybe I should write more and attach it to a toilet roll….

Sharing is healthy…let’s do it!

Thanks for reading….and don’t forget to share with me what you think is your life purpose….I want to hear! 

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