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As professionals in the beauty industry we take pride in our image and reputations. Why do we then use a general “listing” website to advertise job openings when those sites ‘can’ cater to every creeper out there?

I want to introduce myself and my new company that has just launched for Estheticians.  We are an ‘industry’ specific website that monitors all employers who post job postings and all employees that are searching for employment and posting resumes.

It has been created because of some unseemly experiences that I have encountered in the past as an Esthetician and from some bad experiences that co-workers or employers have had with not so desirable characters trolling “general” websites, you know,  the kind of website where you can receive anything from a sexual encounter to buying a lampshade all under the same roof!

My little story: Many years ago, being fresh faced and pretty new to the industry I replied to a salon job posting.  I got a nice reply within the day and was pretty excited that this person seemed so keen to meet me and was conducting interviews all day the following Wednesday!  I spruced up my resume, trudged around the mall for over a day trying to find the perfect outfit to wear for the interview.  Nothing too short, nothing too low, you know the sort of dilemma we go into with our wardrobes?  I was informed by email that salon renovation was taking place and interviews were taking place in a different location.  Ok, i was a bit disappointed as i wanted to see where i could potentially be working.  But ‘oh well’, it’s better than nothing!

I arrive the following Wednesday for my interview which was in a remote office building (which stunk of stale cigarette smoke and damp!!)  in an industrial business location! The person who went by the name Toni was actually a man and here was me thinking it was a woman because of the spelling…but again,  i thought, what’s the big deal you get male salon owners!   He leads me into his office which like i said earlier stinks of cigarettes and dead skunk…it grew from a mold smell to skunk by the way!  By, this point my female antenna is raising and my heart pounds, coupled with sweaty palms!  

To cut a long story short and not to bore you with the details, he emails me later when i get home to see if i would like to attend a second interview…but ‘get this’! … “Could, you wear those boots again, that you wore today?” He asks me!    Ok,  I have cut out some part’s of the story, you know the part’s like he was a creeper, his reasoning behind interviewing girls had a different agenda to mine, and by the looks of him I don’t think he had even set foot in a salon, never mind  pretending that he actually owned one!  Incidents like this are rare I admit that, but they can still and do still happen as I hear about them too often!!   It is our job within our company to mentor and provide safety as much as we possibly can to our technicians when they are job searching!   (thanks for reading my story!)

Registering is very easy on our site and takes no more than 5 minutes! 

We feel it is our job to create a safe environment that grows as our site grows with great employers, seeking great employees that are tired of the MLM postings, or the not so legitimate salon postings.

We hope you help us with our launch, which in time, we hope helps you with finding good quality staff that are safe and protected while they continue with job searching during this tough economy. As licensed professionals, we all have a hand in setting and maintaining the standards for our industry.  Why not start now?

Of course, you can continue using your existing ways of finding staff if you are a creature of habit,  but for a new experience, please take a look at our site and register as a user and post your job for 30 days for only $20!

I would appreciate any comments or suggestions if you have any!

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