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How to get “glowing” skin from the inside!

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Hello my lovelies!

Most of you reading this may give facials, may receive them or might never have had one!  For those of you who have never have had don’t know what you are missing!!  Facials are a truly wonderful experience, especially when using great products.  There are many, many great products out there.  Some very costly where you literally have to re-finance your house to buy a night cream, or where it’s so inexpensive, you wonder what the heck is wrong with it!

All of the above are great, but the most important thing for your skin is what you put into your mouth.  Of course this works even better with a regular exercise regime and a stress free lifestyle (hmm, that one is a tough one!!)  Hopefully my lovely readers, you are not a smoker or a super duper heavy drinker as these all stress out the skin, causing an increase in aging. (see above picture!!) The occasional glass of red wine is brilliant for the soul…this i will not deny!!

But, today I want to share with  you a smashing smoothie recipe that is so easy to make!  I usually have it for breakfast as once I have consumed my delish concoction of nutritious goodness I am happy for the rest of the day knowing that I have had the majority of nutrients needed to make me feel and look healthy.  Did i say it drastically improves your skin too?  It is full of anti-oxidants, iron, fibre and protein. Imagine consuming all of this in one drink?

Please, try to use as many ‘organic’ fruits and veggies as your budget will allow.  “Especially” the banana!  In this delish recipe I use banana peel…oh yes baby, banana peel!  It is full of fiber and it is extremely good for you.  In fact through my research on this hidden gem, I learnt that you can actually ‘smoke’ it.  It’s not something I have tried,  as getting a high from mountain biking or yoga is enough for me and I have no intention of rolling up a banana peel joint to get my kicks!! Most skins from fruits or veggies are full of amazing nutrients.

So please cram your blender with the ingredients listed below and let me know what you think.  Only today, did i decide to add half an Avocado (it’s a good ‘fat’ so don’t freak out…it won’t put cellulite on your bum!)  Also, please adjust the quantities if you require more of a blueberry flavor or more of a carrot flavor…BUT one thing i can promise you is …. you will ‘not’ taste the spinach!  I have been giving this to my kids for months (my daughters acne is clearing up!) and she would just ‘freak’ if she thought she was eating something so green!

  • Cram your blender 3/4 full of baby spinach (you can freeze your bag and use as needed)
  • 1/4 cup of refrigerated carrot juice ( most grocery stores sell this where the veggies are)
  • Juice of a whole lemon
  • 1 cup of blueberries ( sometimes I add cherries too!)
  • 1/2 ripe banana
  • 1 tbsp of banana peel ( you don’t need the whole skin, unless you are 3 days backed up from your last bathroom visit!)
  • 1 scoop of Trader Joes protein powder for women or any protein powder
  • TODAY I added half an avocado which made it super creamy!

If I travel and miss a weekend from my smoothie I do notice a difference in my appears less radiant!  The  other thing that I have noticed about drinking this daily is that it makes my eyes glisten making them appear much brighter!

Please share with me your thoughts/comments and if you have anything to add I am all ears and willing to hear!!


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