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Extra cash for your pocket!!!

After working in the U.S now for just a little over 10 years as an Esthetician and Nail Technician, I am still bewildered as to the reasoning behind why there is such a lack of further education classes in this industry. Don’t get me wrong, there are some amazing educators our there that do offer Brazilian wax classes on male and female body parts…but quite honestly, we are pretty hard pushed to find an abundance of educators. I comment on this in my blog, not because i think one country is better than any other or because I have found it difficult to find further education classes…but because so many of you have shared with me the very same frustrations!

Put it this way in Europe, it is literally ‘bursting’ at the seams with Academy’s that specialize in further education, or very experienced Estheticians alreadyworking in Spa’s open up their doors to new students or to already licensed Esty’s who are just rusty in certain areas, or nervous. Community colleges in the U.Koffer workshops or training nights for just this very thing also. So, as I write this I am still a tad bit confused as to why the U.S is not as affluent in this area of further education in the Beauty industry?

Is it through fear of too many Estheticians walking the streets with just as much education/knowledge as what you possess?

Is it because you want to keep secret your techniques and little bits of knowledge that you have worked so hard to keep polished over the years?

Or is it because you just don’t know where to start or where to even advertise that you offer such a service to licensed peeps?

Let’s cover the first question:
Always remember, that you could train 10 new Estheticians a month and increase your income by at least $1,000. You set the price; you set the limit as to how many girls are in a training class per session. You can determine what you will charge each student, according to your time and expertise and how many hours each class will take. You may have the fear that they are taking all of your knowledge with the possibility of stealing your clients. But out of those 10 Estheticians, only ‘one’ might enjoy what they do and actually be any good at itand only ‘one’ of them might be a ‘people’ person, which clients actually ‘like’. So please take that fear out of your mind of you feeding the competition.

There are thousands of Estheticians out there, but it’s the person that clients return too, not the title.

Let’s cover the second question:
A truly successful person is keen to help others. They know that they are the best at what they do; they know that they have the personality and the knowledge to be able to pass this information on to others and get satisfaction from knowing that they have helped another person learn from their expertise. How great does that feel when we know we have shared with others our knowledge and when we can see the look on their face when they are excited to actually “get it”?

Let’s cover the third question:

First you have to decide what classes you are going to teach. Personally, I would keep it simple at first and offer simple bikini waxing classes each week/month and open it up to 4 students at a time. Set the price according to if they bring models or not and also specify that they need to be models if a model cannot be found. You determine the price according to how many hours you decide to teach the class and what it is worth to you for your time and product.

Let’s help the Spa world be a much richer one, be that educator that can be proud to offer certification to a student who has completed your training class. When you know that they can put that on their resume, which shows enthusiasm to a potential employer, wouldn’t that make you feel good?


So, if you are a wizz bang hot waxer … give yourself some good karma and pass on your knowledge and line your pockets with more cash! cha ching!

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