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Estheticians that wants ‘great’ results for their clients but at a fraction of the cost!

If you are an Esthetician reading this then I am sure your main objective is to deliver great quality skin care results to your client.  But are you confused about what tools to use in your Spa?  Does the expense of leasing a new fancy machine scare you and you wonder if you could get the same results by using something just as effective, but maybe a bit better on your wallet?

What's an Esthetician to do?

Shelley Hancock has been a licensed Esthetician since 1988 and owns her own advanced training facility where she can be that teacher/mentor to encourage and train you to be the best that you can be!

Our team  all share the same passion and drive as Shelley with the hopes of helping you succeed, ‘especially’ if we can offer you some tips that save you money and further knowledge!

Check out her video below…it’s worth watching!  Then take a look at her facility here!!

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