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Spa uniforms in the Spa and why it is important!

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Can you take me seriously?

“Clothes make the man”, this might be an old adage but it is one that you cannot escape from.  Clothing has a powerful energetic effect and it very quickly formulates someone’s opinion of you.  If they have nothing else to go on, then clients will come up with some pretty amazing theories about you, merely on the basis of your appearance.

When a client comes to see you for the first time, she has a certain expectation about that therapist.  Of course the client expects the therapist to be competent and if your appearance tells them that you are, then you are over the first hurdle immediately, before you even open your mouth.

But it does go much further than that as our clients expect us to look and act a certain way.  For most clients the expectation is for a look that is fashionable yet professional.  Our clothes should be business-oriented without being so formal that we are uptight and uncomfortable whilst we are at work.  Our make-up should be subtle and clean just like our clothing.

As our clients enter the door and they see you dressed fashionably and professionally, then he or she is going to be comforted by the fact that you meet their expectations.  It will be easier for her to trust you.

Now take a look at how she would feel if you were dressed in jeans, sweats, scrubs or a shabby, lab jacket.  You are going to have a slight uphill battle, trying to convince your client that she can trust you.  She will leave thinking that maybe she will look like you when she leaves.

If she is spending over $50 in your Spa, you have got to look like you have spent that much on yourself!!!!

By carefully adjusting your working wardrobe you can make a difference to how your clients will perceive you in the future…PLUS you will stand out from your competition.  Elegant Spa uniforms can be found in the U.S at

Don’t be lazy with your working wardrobe…put as much effort into it as you would going out and trying to impress your friends.  Energy is contagious and you set the price and the tone by looking the part.

The Estheticians hygiene in the Spa

There are not too many services were the worker gets as close to the client as what we do.  When the closeness of the clients is necessary, a non-verbal message becomes very important.  Scent. I am not one to hold back so we can just call it what it is and that is: “Halitosis, bog breath”,  or whatever other phrase you would like to use.

Before I go to the dentist I always brush my teeth to freshen my breath.  For the most part the dentist is wearing a mask to protect himself from sprays of bodily fluid and perhaps even to protect him from any patients with halitosis…I freshen up before i see my dentist and before I get all close and comfy with a client!

There is nothing worse than going for a facial, an eyebrow wax or even a haircut and the technician working on you has breath that smells like she has had a dead cat sandwich for lunch!

So regardless of whether you smoke, eat tons of garlic or had a skinful of alcohol the night before, freshen that breath before you peer into some poor clients face and attempt to wax her eyebrows.

Esthetician hygiene

2 shakes of a lambs tail and you are all fresh!

If your breath becomes a persistent problem, maybe cut out all of the above before you go to work the next day or take a visit to your dentist to get your gums checked or at the very least keep a little tin of mints in your pocket at work, to tie you over until you solve the problem.

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